Thursday, January 14, 2010

~*Heart to Haiti*~

Haiti...Oh Haiti...

I may not know you as home oh Haiti,
but I know you as "a" home

I may not know you as family oh Haiti,
but I know you as "a" family...

Haiti oh Haiti,
my heart goes out to you,
your grief, you pain, your mourning..

haiti oh haiti we sit here, donating our $5
but we do not know the real help you need.

Haiti oh haiti.. we sit here asking why oh why
while watching CNN but we do not know exactly how you feel..

The Media has classified you as one of the poorest Nations in the world
But you are not poor to me oh Haiti, for you are strong and I have faith in you oh Haiti..

How dare w call you poor when we do not even know the essence of happiness and joy?!
Haiti you are rich, rich in people, rich in help and many more...

I thank God for the help that has come to you and is on the way...
I wish I could be there to help you oh Haiti..

For I know how it feels to be in such a situation.
Haiti oh Haiti, cry not, worry not, this is a trial of strength

Haiti oh Haiti, this is your time to glorify HIM more...

Haiti oh Haiti, you are home to many I hold dear and I still call you friend..
Haiti oh Hait... my heart goes out to you...

Please people donate all you can at

or text yele to 501501
We may not be able to give the exact physical help,
but we can fund those who are able to provide
Please donate... God Bless..xoxo

~*Words of a lover:: Tayo Sophie*~