Saturday, December 26, 2009

::Nigerian Terrorist?

The word came to me in the middle of Christmas dinner, dec 25th 2009 and it really inspired me to get back to blogging.

A Nigerian terrorist? This is very interesting, my question now is why now? why ever.

Letter to Mr Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab:

Dear Sir,
I send this to you not as my judging point of view, but as a concern of a group of people you represent (Nigerians). Sir, the news reports that you had a good education (Engineering Student, UCL class of 2008) and also that you come from a well to do home, (father being in top positions in banks) so now our question is why?

We as a country, as a nation, as a people have suffered numerous stereotypes.
Is it not bad enough that we represent our Green, White, Green despite the judging looks of being a 419-er (fraudster) is it not bad enough that we eat our traditional foods (eba, jollof rice, etc) and still condone being stereotyped as barbaric and backwards. Is it not bad enough that we walk through security checks and get scrutinized for what we hold in our hands? (our green passports) so my question to you sir, is why NOW? why EVER?

Sir, we as a nation have MANY struggles, we struggle for petrol, electricity, food (in some regions), safety and at most we struggle for PEACE. Why would you want to add terrorism to a nation that suffers so much already?
I love my people because despite the struggles we have we are still considered one of the happiest people on earth. Please do bare in mind that with this you have not only brought grief to a nation, but grief and MORE STRUGGLES to an already grieving nation.

Mr Abdulmutallab, we will not ask you why you did it, because you like everyone else in the world is entitled to your opinion, BUT remember that when you make certain choices, you open room for judgment, not just judgement of YOUR character or your belief, but also judgement of US as a people. Sir i do not appreciate that I have to fight off one stereotype or another due issues like this, BUT adding terror to the list is not what i anticipated for a New Year.

I know many people now are working on the Light Up Nigeria scheme, since when did we think it was ok to blow up America?
I know many people sing in the morning congregation "Arise O compatriots, Nigeria's call, obey" since when was it ok, to obey Al Qaeda's call?

Dear Sir, granted you made your decisions and will have to live with it, but I do not appreciate living with it too, because I do not believe in terror. I was NEVER brought up with thoughts of terrorism and will not associate myself or like to claim you as one of my own since you have decided to create a stereotype FOR YOURSELF which i REFUSE to be a part of. Are we disowning you as Nigerian? ha! Maybe, just maybe, because we would like to retain our one good stereotype of being "the world's happiest people" and being totally acceptive of you will jeopardize this one good thing we have going for us.

My people, I have sent out the word, now please please please...
We need to stay strong, have faith and NOT just pray but take action.
Because I know my people, after 49 years of independence, we do not have too much to show
besides expatriates and illegal immigrants who live like Kings and Queens in our own nation, just to name a few.
But please rid yourself of the ignorance and STOP passing the blame on one ethnicity or the other.
NOONE cares if he was Hausa, Yoruba Ibo, whatever, all they see is that he is NIGERIAN.
It is very ignorant to say "Oh at least he is not Ibo"
Do you think an average American who probably doesn't even know that Africa is NOT a country cares if he is Hausa or Yoruba? News flash ::: THEY DON'T
all they care about it that he is NIGERIAN.
I hope this will be an eye-opener for us all to see that if one ethnicity falters WE are all to blame because WE are Nigeria! So if an Ibo man is not doing his job, NO it is not because he is IBO, how about u do yours and QUIT complaining.

The point of this is ....
We cannot keep praying and sitting on our butts about our problems!
the bible clearly says : Prayers without works is DEAD
so if all you do is pray and hope, brothers and sister I AM SORRY FOR US!
we need to take action.
Thank you all who already are taking action towards a better Nigeria.

With Love and Grace...

Tayo Sophie Orenuga..


  1. ''It is very ignorant to say "Oh at least he is not Ibo"
    Do you think an average American who probably doesn't even know that Africa is NOT a country cares if he is Hausa or Yoruba? News flash ::: THEY DON'T''
    I particularly liked this phrase, like i can't believe some ignorant mofos choose to make this a tribal issue.
    I always say that if you're not making any effort to improve Nigeria(no matter how small) then clearly you have no right to criticize, be the change you want to see. Nice Write-Up girl.

  2. lol good job tayo...but i really dont believe he is if they said he try to steal the airlines money or some shit like that i would jus be like thats nothing new...but to blow up a airline na me that shit is not in our DNA...that nigga there is fronting...Maybe is from Ghana or around there but Nigeria na man...


  3. really nice piece..
    the terrorist guy was just a shame

  4. Its very sad... we surely dont need this now...keep up the good work... ill make sure ppl read this too beacuse its very DEEP and alot of ppl can RELATE. I Do.

  5. First and foremost, this is a really good write-up and I highly impressed, but
    We must ask ourselves these questions:
    Why did he see the need to endanger his life and that of others?
    What did they offer him, that he could not think about the high level of disgrace he would be bringing upon his motherland?
    Is this a conspiracy to bring down the integrity of Africans in general?
    We all know the safety-checks at the airport increased since 9/11, so how was he able to get aboard the flight with this explosive substance/device?
    All these questions kept going through my mind as I thought about this whole issue and I can not wait for this whole investigation to be concluded by the FBI!
    Nice job*

  6. Good one on the "Arise o compatriots" part. Still don't know why any straight up nigerian brother would want to answer the call of a terrorist group? Just doesn't seem right. So without pointing fingers we really need prayers. Just got a blackberry broadcast message trying to link the "would-be terrorist" to Al Queda because of his deep muslim roots. Still don't believe it still. I'm hoping there would be a very rational explanation on all this and it might just go away but I'm afraid the stigma would still be there. Nigerians all around would be given a stupid terrorist tag because of one silly individual (pardon my language). So once more there is nothing much to do except pray fo this beloved country of ours. President out of the country on illness over 30 days, no one wants to follow due process and appoint the VP, no electricity,no water like you mentioned?
    We really need all the prayers we can get.
    Big ups Tayo. Impressive writing. Keep up the good work.
    God bless

  7. only God knows whats next.
    he has given America a reason to do something foolish.

  8. hes nigerian jorrrr...nice write up

  9. How are we so sure that there are not a lot more Nigerians willing to do the same in the near future. I think we need to tackle this head on if we don't want our beloved country suffer another blow

  10. Thank you all for all the compliments.
    In response to the explosive substances, my take is that first of all,
    the security in the Nigerian airport is Extremely poor in comparison to
    all othe security checks in most countries eg US England etc.
    It is very likely that he could have skipped security checks being that he is the son of a man in high power, you know what that means in Nigeria.
    But what baffles me is the fact that even in Amsterdam he was not caught.
    The boy is definitely Nigerian, he is a northerner.
    Another thing is there is a high chance that a lot more Nigerians might be willing to do the same thing.
    because we keep forgetting that there are a lot of Islam EXTREMISTS in Nigeria. Remember all the wars that used to go on in the north?
    Yes, those people still exist. Not pointing fingers at anyone, because
    this could be anyone of us's child, friend, neighbor or brother and it has to be tackled. But also as to tackling future Nigerian terrorists, there is only so much we can do.

  11. Good job! This is a call for positive CHANGE and not the "Rebranding Nigeria" noise being made. ACTION TIME IS NOW!

  12. nice one tayo.....i hope we nigerians start seeing things that way...

  13. I love my country I no go lieDecember 27, 2009 at 2:30 PM

    This dude does not fit the terorrist profile. Let's assume he is guilty and acting alone (pretty farfetched), what next? Let's face it, there are several real NIGERIANS doing wrong by Nigeria and performing acts that may bring shame to the nation every minute - home and abroad. We have a PR problem because not much of the good we do gets out there. Do we do enough to counteract the influence of the few really evil Nigerians? Just ask yourself? Do you?

  14. infact you have done justice to the whole issue God bless and I prayed more wisdom, I m 100% in support of this your wonderful write up keep it up, becos ever since the incidence happened its sound funny but is not, I m looking forward to faced with different kinds of looks and gesture from my western people becos despite all their looks and sound whenever I mention Niger will now race to power 100.But whatever be the case we are still going to keep the green white green flag flying,only God can make us clean b4 all men not by our power nor by might. thanks so much and once again God bless u.

  15. Who knows what happened to the Air France passenger Jet that collapsed in Brazil? Maybe the same!!! Well apparently there is another Nigerian on board the same North Atlantic flight that has been arrested which I really do hope and pray not to have an involvement in the plot for the sake of we Nigerians. Gbenga

  16. the first thing one has to realize is there is no one sterotype for terrorists. a terrorist is not someone who is poor or uneducated, most terrorists who have a shocking impact are most times very educated and rich- take the bombing on the twin towers for example. These were engineers who studied aviation in the united states. I totally agree that this is bad for nigeria as a whole, but at the same time it is an eye opener that terrorism is not only synonymous with the western world or the middle east. its impact is also reaching africa and all we can do now is pray and educate our fellow africans on peace and not war against individuals, countries, religion or a diff point of belief or view