Wednesday, May 13, 2009

~* Emotions are not friends*~

I get angry, I get sad, I get mad, now I'm glad...
confused? infused? feeling used? words misconstrued!

Am I lonely? am I sad? Am I any word that can exist?
I don't like this feeling, this roller coaster ride
This high for the day, low for a while.
This Happy now, Sad then!
This thoughts in my head about where I am
Where I want to be, Where I could be and where I am going!

I think the deeper question to emotions is Who are you?
Who am I you ask?
I would answer but I don't know
what defines my being in existence?
My looks? my talent? my gifts? my friends? my family?
What? Who?
You would like to know?
So would I....

I am looking deeper within searching for that truth!
That true me that lies within...Who? What? Where?

*~WORDS OF A THINKER:::maVeRickDeeva:::*~

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